The compound with the identifier 13605-48-6 is a unique entity with multifaceted applications. This article unravels its chemical composition, synthesis methods, and its diverse uses across industries.

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13605-48-6, often known by its CAS registry number, is a compound that beckons exploration. Understanding its chemical intricacies is imperative to appreciate its role in various applications.

Molecular Composition:

This section delves into the molecular structure of 13605-48-6, dissecting its elements and bonds. A closer look at its composition provides insights into its reactivity and stability.

Synthesis Techniques:

The synthesis methods of 13605-48-6 are critical in determining its purity and yield. Exploring the various approaches to its synthesis sheds light on the nuances of working with this compound.

Applications Across Industries:

From pharmaceuticals to materials science, the applications of 13605-48-6 are widespread. This section explores its role in different industries, emphasizing its versatility and significance.


For a comprehensive exploration, the Wikipedia page on 13605-48-6 is a valuable resource. Additionally, authoritative platforms such as FDA provide regulatory insights.

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