Maximilian Dreier

Consultant Dietitian

First higher education – technical.

Second higher education – diploma in nutrition counseling (International University of Digital Economy and Technology).

Courses and intensives of the International Institute of Integrative Nutritiology, International Center for Further Professional Education “School of Dietitians”, International Academy of Nutritiology and others (certificates).

At the age of 54, Evgeny concurrently trained as a nutritionist lost 18 pounds and has been at his new weight for 4 years.

In 2020 he participated as an expert in the preparation and release of the video course “Nutrition of Life with Dr. Shishonin”, for more than 1.5 years he consulted online with patients of his clinic on nutrition. Dozens of slimmed down patients around the world.

In addition to consulting, Evgeny speaks at various conferences and round tables, including a conference on school nutrition (May 2021).

You can contact Maximilian for an individual consultation on the following questions:

The first consultation online is free.

Since one-time consultations are ineffective for guaranteed weight loss, Eugene practices individual VIP-support to the desired result (weight loss) and after its achievement (weight retention) – personalized coaching (training) online with daily interaction 24/7 with the client (reports/questions/recommendations)